Since 2019, the MetaPraxis Project has worked with learning organisations to facilitate the conceptualisation, design and leadership of interdisciplinary learning projects in primary, secondary and tertiary contexts.

The project responds to the design principles set out in the OECD Education 2030 project, focussing on those relating to learner agency and the concept of competency. A central focus has also been the development of meta-intelligence.

The MetaPraxis philosophy views social, collaborative, and reflexive interdisciplinary learning environments as natural contexts within which to establish and nurture complex capabilities, with significant potential to promote agency and transfer of knowledge, skills and understanding across diverse domains.

Michael Bunce is Curriculum Development and Enhancement Lead for Music and Performance, and Course Leader for the Masters in Global Learning Futures at the University of East London. He is engaged in practice and research as a teacher and curriculum innovator, educational technology developer, composer and music producer, and interdisciplinary arts practitioner.

He has taught, presented and performed at universities in the UK, Europe, North & South America, and Australia, as well as working as a Music Director for the National Youth Theatre, Creative designer and Project Lead for the National Trust, Senior Tutor for the Drake Music Project, and with a range of artists and arts organisations as an independent artist and music producer.